High five! for my 5th week of joining pixel dailies

I wasn't able to join in some of the themes this week mainly because I don't have time or I don't like the theme. While writing this post, the theme is braids. I don't quite enjoy drawing a girly thing but the biggest reason is I can't imagine anything. While the resources from google will give be enough, it's just that I can't draw these stuffs. Oh well, I got only 3 entries.

Title: Zeus in Dota 2
Theme: Zeus

One of my favorite games is Dota 2. This bring backs memories. There was a time when I got so addicted in dota 1 that I almost play 6 - 8 hours or more a day. Anyway, thats the reason why I picked I drew the Zeus from Dota 2.

catchphrase: Can you outrun the speed of light(-ning)?
Zeus in Dota 2

Title: ChocoPoop
Theme: chocolate

Poop + Chocolate = Chocopoop. Almost all shits have the same color with common chocolates. I think that Hersheys' chocolates are shaped like poops.

catchphrase: ChocoPoops: smelly but tasty!


Title: War elephant
Theme: war elephant

No description much about this. Just converted this guy's ears with axes then added some scars and eye-patch.

catchphrase: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

War elephant


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