Jimmy Neutron - My first cartoon character with color in Blender

Again in our Graphic Design elective class we are tasked to do something. But, now it is something harder cause we need to make it on our own and apply everything that we have learned. Even though I believe that what we have learned is just basics yet, I still think that while doing this activity it feels like its hard. Making a model is interesting cause you just trace your background images to make one. But, as the vertices and lines gets more and  more then it becomes boring. So, the best thing is to avoid and perfectly plan when to add lines and when not to. As of now, I still need more practice.

This is the output image of my 3d cartoon model:
Tip: Use cycles render when saving an image and increase the samples for better image output.
Jimmy Neutron

My proof:


Resources used (given by our prof.):


right side


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